Last term our Year 6s studied the epics of Ancient Greece and Rome – Homer’s The Iliad and Virgil’s The Aeneid. On Saturday, they composed their own free-verse poem inspired by the Fall of Troy. Here’s an example of what one student wrote.

The Wooden Horse by Max
The siege of Troy had lasted ten long, unmerciful years.
Greeks came together; they realised they could never breach the city walls by force, such were their height.
Odysseus, King of Ithica, immersed in a scheming plan forming in his mind, spoke up.
‘We shall make a horse, built and constructed from wood and rope. Fill it with armed men, 20 in the least, 
strong and fit.’
Men crawled inside and their offering was left,
abandoned outside the formidable walls of Troy,
along with the facaded Greek spy, Sinon.

This term, Year 6s are studying the language of Shakespeare with scenes from Romeo and Juliet, and Richard III.