Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

"Giving every child the courage to try and the knowledge to succeed".

  • We teach concepts to mastery. Students develop a deep understanding of concepts and principles.
  • We teach reasoning and critical thinking, not rote learning. Students are challenged to think “outside the box” and apply their understanding to unfamiliar contexts. 
  • Our classes focus on instruction, not test taking. We deliver the most value to students by teaching them concepts instead of watching them take a test.
  • We extend every child in their learning. We teach concepts to mastery two years or more above the Australian Curriculum. This provides genuine extension for gifted and talented students, while ensuring they are always ahead of their peers at school.
  • We assess the individual, not the group. We don’t assign arbitrary grades to student work but instead identify areas for individual improvement.

What does 'giftedness' mean?

At Rise, we believe giftedness is not something children are born with. It can be nurtured and developed.

Giftedness is the ability to succeed in the world and contribute great things to society, not just the ability to solve maths or IQ problems.

It can be described as a Venn diagram where creativity, academic ability and commitment to completing a task meet.

Our academic programs teach concepts and skills two or more years above the Australian Curriculum.

We also foster and develop gifted behaviours:

  • A wonder and passion for learning
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Self-discipline to overcome challenges
  • Emotional intelligence

Parents should be mindful that Rise programs aren’t for every child however. To succeed, a child must have a gifted mindset – a desire for self-improvement.