Frequently Asked


Enrolment can be done by completing our online enrolment form, or by emailing to enrolments@riselearning.com.au. Payment is required in order to confirm your child’s place in our program.

Remember to let us know if you were referred by another parent to Rise, so that we can provide to them a referral fee.

We maintain small classes, typically of around 8-12 students. This enables teachers to individually engage students. It also facilitates whole-class discussions so students can improve their oral communication skills.

We run our Year 2 classes in the second half of every Year, Terms 3 and 4.

We offer first trial sessions free of charge, so that your child can experience our teaching methods before deciding whether to commit for the term.

As a gifted and talented program, we expect that students achieved a B or higher in their most recent school report to enrol in the year equivalent class. During their trial lesson, our teachers will assess students’ ability to engage our advanced curriculum and will recommend either continuing in the class, changing to a different year level or discontinuing.

Yes, we provide a sibling discount of 5% for each sibling child.

Yes, we provide a referral credit of $50 if the person referred signs up to a Term with us.

Rise helps students become better writers through:

  • Advanced vocabulary – students are exposed to as many as 100 new words a week or 4000 new words a year.
  • Complex language – through great writers like Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare.
  • Mature ideas – exposing them to issues and ideas from history, politics, geography and science through great literature.
  • Teacher modelling and guided practice.
  • Individualised feedback on how to improve – students submit weekly writing tasks through our online portal for detailed comment and feedback.

 Students become confident, expressive writers with rich vocabulary and ideas.

Our Maths and Writing Curriculum is pitched at two or more years above the Australian Curriculum level. Examples of topics covered by the Rise Curriculum are provided in “GATE and Scholarship Preparation”. While we follow a structured curriculum, weekly topics can change depending on feedback by teachers on students’ mastery of a particular topic.

We recommend that parents focus their time on consolidating content covered in the weekly Rise class, rather than trying to pre-teach Rise topics. This avoids students having to “unlearn” incorrectly taught concepts before attending Rise classes.

We select our teachers based on their passion and skill. Our priority is engagement of our students, to foster their love of learning and to see their confidence in maths and writing grow over time.

Enrolling at Rise involves additional responsibilities on the part of parents and students to consolidate content taught in class. This is similar to learning a musical instrument where without daily practice a student will make limited progress even with the best teacher instruction.

For further information on our homework expectations, please see the Rise Homework Policy

In setting homework, we seek to balance the time required to consolidate the knowledge and skills taught in class while recognising that our students are busy with other academic, music or sporting commitments.

We estimate that our weekly homework will take around 60-90 minutes a week to complete.

We understand that children may occasionally misplace their worksheets provided to them in-class. Parents are able to request for a replacement printed copy, however, we charge a $5 re-printing fee per copy requested.

Parents can either collect their worksheets on Wednesday’s at Willetton or at the following week’s session in class.

We offer a 15% discount for our weekday online-only class stream, however, this does not extend to weekend face-to-face classes which we may have to teach online due to Covid lockdowns and any ongoing restrictions.

Moodle is an online learning management system used by millions of users worldwide. We utilise Moodle to distribute course material from time to time, Zoom Meeting IDs, and for writing homework submissions.

If you have difficulty with your logins, contact your respective classroom co-ordinator or email support at enrolments@riselearning.com.au

If you have any other questions, please get in touch!