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Writing & Maths

Our Term 4 commences on Saturday 7th October 2023.

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Mastering Writing Program

The Writing Mastery Program fosters talented, creative writers for academic success. Students master writing at the sentence, paragraph and whole-text level; develop a toolkit of writing techniques; while expanding their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Each session covers: modelled writing where students analyse and practise effective writing; grammar instruction; vocabulary building; and advanced reading comprehension techniques. Students master a range of writing genres such narrative, persuasive, information and discussion texts. Narrative writing topics include, for example, setting, characterisation, creating mood and atmosphere, literary devices, mystery, fantasy/adventure and comedy.

Students learn how to ignite their imagination, organise their ideas and transfer their thoughts to the page. They master editing techniques while also learning how to critically analyse texts from a writer’s perspective. Students become confident, creative writers with the power of written expression – a critical skill for secondary school and university success.

Mastering Maths Program

The Maths Mastery Program targets numerical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills for upper primary and secondary school success.

Each session focuses on a challenging maths topic with problems as might be encountered in GATE, NAPLAN, Maths Olympiad and high school. Students learn how to critically analyse the problem, unpack the concepts and formulate a solution. Instruction involves explicit teaching of strategies and concepts, guided practice and hands-on activities which deepen and extend understanding as necessary. Students then formulate their own problem to apply the concepts learnt and to think like a maths examiner.

The program also includes PEAC-style enrichment activities. Students explore real world applications for maths such as architecture, astronomy, physics, chemistry, code-breaking and technology. Topics inspire students in learning maths while expanding their numerical reasoning and critical thinking skills in preparation for high school.

Develop Critical Thinking