International Writing Programs

International Writing Programs

Master the art of writing in a virtual Australian classroom taught by expert Australian teachers.

Rise Learning’s Writing program is a gifted extension program based on the Australian English Curriculum. Students master writing at the sentence, paragraph and whole-text level; develop a toolkit of writing techniques; while expanding their reading and reading comprehension skills.

Each session covers: modelled writing where students analyse and practise effective writing; grammar instruction; vocabulary building; and advanced reading comprehension techniques. Students master a range of writing genres including narrative and persuasive texts, with narrative topics including for example: setting, characterisation, creating mood and atmosphere, literary devices, suspense and comedy.

Students ignite their imagination, organise their ideas and transfer their thoughts to the page. They master editing techniques while also critically analysing texts from a writer’s perspective. Students become confident, creative writers with the power of written expression.

Effective oral communication is a critical skill for university and the workplace, whether when meeting with colleagues or going for a professional job interview. International students gain valuable speaking skills through modelling by Australian teachers. Students are expected to engage in classroom discussions with gifted Australian students where they gain confidence and oral fluency in communicating ideas.

Program Benefits

  • Learn from a gifted English extension program based on the Australian Curriculum
  • All classes taught by expert Australian teachers
  • Individualised feedback – students submit weekly writing tasks for targeted feedback
  • Learn in a virtual Zoom classroom with gifted Australian students
  • Develop oral communication skills through class discussions with gifted Australian students
  • Forge international friendships with future leaders
  • Free parent information sessions – such as encouraging reading in children
  • Online support for IT and learning materials

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Gavin Goh

Founder and Principal

BA Hons W.Aust B.Ed Grad.
Dip.Business Edith Cowan PhD (continuing) W.Aust

Troy Rule

Head of International Learning

BA Hons W.Aust B.Ed
Grad.Dip.Business Edith Cowan PhD (continuing) W.Aust