Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

By Matthew

I don’t recall the reason why I hated truth or dare. I’m guessing it was because all of the ridiculous and pointless dares people hand to each other.

“Matt?” Jordan had caught up to me. “Truth or dare?”
I sighed. I hated this. “Truth”.
Jordan giggled “Do you like Stephanie?”
My cheeks flushed a bright red before fading back. “N-no! Of course not!” I stuttered.
Jordan giggled again.

The bell screeched. A signal for recess end. I headed into maths. One game to another.
“Matthew, what is the square root of 64?” The teacher asked.
“Silly dare,” I thought before replying “8”
The teacher paused. “Is there something on your mind?” She queried.
“Truth,” I thought, “I’m good at these”
“No” I replied. It wasn’t very convincing

I exited for lunch. Yet another game starts.

The ball flew towards me. I got dared to reach for the ball and whack it back. It was a good dare and I advanced to king. Jordan looked enraged.

The trek home was the only time I got time without the truth or dare games. The hot sun lashed its whips at my already charred hair. I sped up.

Home, the hardest level of the game. Bombarded with countless dares from family. I could hardly stand it!

“DO THE DISHES!” Dad yelled.
“PLAY WITH ME!” My younger sister declared.

After completing it, I lay down in bed.

Truth or dare.

The game of life