Jupiter Jacks had a gigantic head that his bamboo stick body could not hold. He had a thin moustache and a lean lamp post body. He wore a tiny minuscule beret. It was his most beloved hat even though he had gotten it when he was six.
That day, Jupiter had gone for his usual afternoon walk around his neighbourhood. Except on that particular day, leaves were swirling around his unshaven legs as winter was coming. Jupiter trudged grumpily shaking the tickling leaves off, thinking about the warm sun and clear blue sky.
Suddenly, a gust of wind cut him from his thoughts. The next minute, his beret was flying through the air like a pigeon! He quickly chased after it while leaping through the sky like a nervous ballerina. He grunted and grumbled as it continued to fly away.
Jupiter finally caught up to it as the wind calmed down but as he was sprinting as fast as he could, he fell off balance as he stopped abruptly and landed right on top of his precious beret. He gasped and sighed angrily as he glanced at his flattened beret.
Anger boiled over and he screamed, jumping all over his already flat beret. He kicked and stomped on it letting his anger get the better of him. He calmed down eventually and saw what was remained of his beret.
Head spinning with anger, Jupiter picked it up and placed it on his head furiously. He went back home with a squished beret with bird droppings.